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from the former prime minister gordon brown. in an interview with the bbc mr. brown claimed that the sunday brown newspaper hired criminals to get his financial and medical records and he was left in tears after the signing gave information about his son's a cystic fibrosis. ministers will discuss whether to call on plans for rupert murdoch's bid for the bskyb to be abandoned. this report from our deputy political editor does contain flash cryptography. >> here is gordon again in downing street with his daughter elisabeth next to him. and their top editor, rebekah brooks, the red hat on the right. for years a team brown stayed close. no more. the smiles fell away. using criminals to investigate his private life. >> i had my bank accounts broken into. ilesd my lawyers' f blanked. my tax returns went missing at one point. medical records have been broken into. i do not know how all this happened but i do know one thing, into of these instances, there is absolute proof that news international was involved in hiring people to get this information. i also know that the people the
with bbc, mr. brown explains how he was bonded to the revelation. >> in tears. your son is not going to be broadcast across the media. incredibly upset about it, thinking about his future, thinking about our family. >> also in the program, the half-brother of afghan president and key political ally shot dead in the southern city of kandahar. early to deal with problems at home. the debt contagion hit shares across the eurozone. hello. it is 7:00 a.m. in washington, 3:30 in kabul, and midday in the uk, where the former british prime minister, gordon brown, has been speaking about his shot over allegations that two newspapers used underhand means to obtain financial and medical records relating to his family. mr. brown, whose youngest son, fraser, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, spoke exclusively about the allegations that he was targeted. >> i have never, never talked about my son or wanted to talk about my two sons and my late daughter in public. i have always been reluctant. i have never thought it was right that the private lives of young children growing up, who i want to have
family also experienced cystic fibrosis. above all, mr. brown accused of news international of having an agenda against him. that one is the bbc and the media regulator off of the reforms. >> all of these papers will be there for people to see. that will show that we stood up to news international. we refused to support the commercial ambitions when we thought they were against the public interest. >> mr. brown has now widened the attack of newspapers within the group. that is being brought home by labour's current leader. they are calling for rupert murdoch to withdraw his bid. they will have the option to say knows to news corp.. if they agreed to appear next week. >> there has been fresh violence in northern ireland tonight. there was an attempt to prevent the nationalists to prevent marches. tens of thousands of younis -- unionists turned out for the march. the founder of the websites wikileaks has begun the appeal of his extradition from britain to sweden. he said that the case against him was politically motivated after his website published tens of thousands of american cables
stood up to news international. we refuse to support the commercial ambitions. >> mr. brown has now widened the attacked two other newspapers within the group. an attack that has been pressed, by the current leader. tomorrow, he will ask them to back a motion calling for rupert murdoch to withdraw his bed, a motion backed by the government. there is a good chance that he will be able to question james murdoch if they agree to appear before a committee next week. >> across the atlantic, a senator calls for a probe whether alleged hacking had extended to u.s. businesses. more aboutout a bit that. let's go to washington and speak to our correspondent. they are falling deeper into this phone-hacking scandal. >> this story is gaining traction and a u.s. the senator you referred to is the rockefeller, a democrat and chairman of the commerce committee. he puts out a statement this evening saying that the report is offensive, a serious breach of journalistic ethics. this raises serious questions about whether the company has broken u.s. law. i call upon the appropriate agencies to investiga
. brown: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent to dispense with the quorum call. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. brown: thank you, mr. president. i rise to discuss legislation called the all-american flags act of 2011 and make some comments about sort of what's happened to american manufacturing and how this is a small step but an important step in beginning to convince this body that "made in america" is something that we should focus on, that a manufacturing strategy from the white house is something that the they should s on and putting people back to work to make things in america again is the right strategy to pull us out of recession. the labor department most recent jobs report confirmed what workers in my state are already aware, that companies are still not hiring. they're seeing smaller paychecks and barely keeping up with bills and insurance companies. soldiers, in too many cases returning from iraq and afghanistan, are facing even greater challenges in the working market. i was at youngstown university talking, there are programs there, there's a group through
national journalism library. no outside books will be allowed please. mr. brown will be signing your copy after he gives his little talk here. he'll be happy to do that for you. before i begin, please turn your cell phones off. which means i have to turn mine off too. okay. there's two events coming up at the national press club that i want to announce. june 23rd, thursday night, we're going to have neil gayman. he has his books "american god" 10th anniversary edition. this will be a ballroom event. august 1st, senator bob graham. he will be discussing his keys to the kingdom in the conference rooms. i'm sure you all know that our guest, michael brown, served as the first undersecretary of homeland security for president george w. bush from 2003 to 2005. he was also director, deputy director, and general council of fema from 2001 to 2005. at the white house, he served on the consequence management committee, comprise of cabinet deputies, following the attacks of 9/11. and headed the white house transition team for emergency preparedness and response, department of homeland security. he al
of that will all be under my purview. >> mr. brown, for example, said he went to the police briefly to ask whether he had been hacked and nobody replied. when people think they are being hacked, they write to you, do they? do you say yes or no? >> they do. when we took over the job, our legal department still has quite a lot of lessons but there were still in the process of answering where people had made that inquiry. and that was part of our prioritization exercise. we needed to get through and replied to people who had asked. and since all the huge coverage any media, and since journalists have the cold calling potential victims, now has its last weekend i think something in -- like five other people have written to us asking if they were speculative really, if they were contained in the material of those 500, i think 70, that have been contained in material. >> cannot clarify the issue of resources, because we're concerned when we heard from mr. clarke and others about the issue of resources. do you have all the resources you need in order to do this work? we have a commission to force last we
, schools, residential neighborhoods, apartment buildings and many other places. mr. brown talked to 9 news now at 5:00. he said it won't be the police department issuing the licenses for registered guns. he talked to the police chief and she tonight want the added responsibility. this is bruce johnson reporting from downtown d.c. >>> we've got a commuter alert about a big pro jengt. crews will be paving 495 twen between the springfield interchange and the heming avenue overpass and that means two lanes will be closed between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. every night through thursday anyway. drivers will be dealing with crews completely closing down telegraph road in the future. they'll be working between duke street and huntington avenue tonight between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. those lanes will be closed wednesday and friday night. more warnings popping up in the office. >>> frederick county, maryland, pretty heavy storm now north of frederick. this is moving toward westminster. we also have a severe thunderstorm warning for loudoun county until 7:15. a storm heading toward leesburg. we'll track
need to be investigated. mr. brown whose son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, spoke about his shock that they were targeted. she spoke exclusively to glen campbell about allegations she was targeted. >> i have never talked publicly about fraser's condition. obviously, we wanted that to be kept private for all of the obvious reasons. you want to do the best buy your children. and i've never complained about what happened to me before. the truth is that information did come out. i was approached by some newspaper. they told me they had this story about fraser's medical condition and they were going to run this story. >> how did that affect you as a father? >> in tears. your son is now going to be broadcast across the media. sarah and i are upset about it. we are thinking about his future and our family. but there is nothing you can do about it. you are and public life. you don't know how it's appeared. i've not read any claims, but it did appear in "the sun" newspaper. >> it was rebecca brooks who phoned. rooks were told rebecca berd was involved. if this is the policy of the newspape
ohio. mr. brown: mr. president, i appreciate the comments from the senior senator from florida about social security. in my state and not much different in rhode island, the state of the presiding officer, the average social security benefit is $14,000 a year. a huge percent -- roughly, i believe, i think about half of social security beneficiaries in ohio rely on social security for more than half of their income, and when i hear proposals here that senator nelson also is speaking against to make significant cuts to force seniors getting $1,000 a month from social security and letting off hedge fund managers who are paying significantly lower tax rates than most people in the middle class, that the sacrifice is aimed toward the middle class and aimed toward seniors and not spread more evenly among people who are the most privileged of society, and it bothers me as it does i know the presiding officer. i rise today about a similar issue about a social security issue also calling on my colleagues in the senate and in the house of representatives to practice what we preach. presently,
be immediately notified of the senate's action, and the senate will resume legislative session. mr. brown: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from ohio. mr. brown: i ask unanimous consent to speak for up to ten minutes as if in morning business. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. brown: thank you, mr. president. i am here today to celebrate a friend and a statesman, a former member of the united states senate, marine aviator, pioneering astronaut, a beloved -- the presiding officer: the senate be in order, please. the senate be in order. mr. brown: thank you, mr. president. i'm here to celebrate a former member of this body, marine aviator, beloved family man and american hero. today is the 90's birthday for john herschel glenn. i was ten years old when he observed the wonder of the universe in just over five hours while orbiting the earth. i was 16 years old when he presented to me and another couple dozen eagle scouts in mansfield, ohio, with our eagle award teaching us again about community service and community pride. when i was 54 and one of the most memorable m
. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. brown: thank you, madam president. as we debate the best way to get our fiscal house in order, we must avoid, first of all, defaulting on our obligations while also working to make our economy stronger. while our debt has been rising for several decades, there's enough blame to go around. it's been exacerbated by the economic crisis that has turned taxpayers all too often, workers and taxpayers into collectors of unemployment insurance, housing assistance, health care assistance. we must not forget that the economic crisis was brought on by a financial crisis that pulled the economy into a deep recession. some people in this chamber, some conservative politicians in washington might like to forget that this financial crisis ever happened but throughout the united states in places like cleveland and dayton and chillicothe and zanesville, fast-talking mortgage brokers steered americans into unfair loans that helped put the economy on the brink of collapse, costing millions of americans their homes and their jobs. while wall street's regained its
to a flat to mr. brown bought in 1992. eight years later, the sunday times ran a story suggesting that it was bought for a knock down some. the bbc has received a tape of a call that seems to suggest how the details were obtained. >> i wonder if you can help me. -- >> the caller is known to have been working for "the sunday times" at that time. and other charges also from 2000. somebody got details of mr. brown's account. the award mr. brown that somebody was pretending to be him. "the abbey" never got stone proves that there were behind the calls. the worst charges concern his son, fraser, who was born in 2006. this said that his son had cestus fibrosis came from access to the baby's medical records. >> many members of the republic, i am shocked and horrified at these allegations that people could do this to court and or his family. it is extremely serious and it needs to be looked at. >> tonight, gordon brown said his family was shocked by the scale of law breaking and intrusion into their private lives. he is expected to do an interview tomorrow. >> it all seemed to happen toda
her the most vial member of congress. we will hear what mr. wes has to say. >> chris brown beat his girlfriend >> he uses the "n" word, the c word, the f word, yet, he is treated like royalty? >> bill: big name rammers are after laura ingraham for criticizing them. miss laura will tell us if she is upset by that she is very upset that a baggage handler stole some of her stuff. >> i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. ♪ happy birthday mr. president. >> bill: also ahead, the great american news quiz, the corruption edition. how much do you know about abysmal behavior? >> it depends upon what the meaning of the word is is. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is the tea party self-destructive? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. from the beginning i have supported the tea party because i believe it empowers individual americans always a good thing. also the tea party wants fiscal responsibi
they just you know attack me. >> bill: come on the program here and mr. brown and mr. fity or whatever he is. they are welcome to come on. >> call him curtis jackson is his real name. >> bill: i did this with ludacris five or six years ago. he was doing the pepsi thing. >> it's gotten worse. >> bill: you are absolutely right it's gotten worse. it's now more accepted. pepsi cancelled the contract back then. >> now it's mainstream. giving him the big applause line. >> bill: that makes your point in the book. so you are trying to fly from newark, new jersey to denver, colorado. and you are on the flight and somebody steals stuff from your bag? how did that happen? >> yeah. i was rushing from, you know, subbing for someone you can't replace you on friday night and rushed to the airport. we're on the book tour, going to denver. everything good. my producer, collaborator is with me. we just checked the luggage. i never check bags. i'm not one of those non-checkers. checked the luggage was obviously tired. left a jewelry bag that a friend of mine loaned me. in it were -- most of them were not my pi
. brown brown: , mr. president. i ask unanimous consent to mr. brown: thank you, mr. president. i ask unanimous consent to dispense with the quorum call. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. brown: thank you, mr. president. this week we have a unique opportunity to reduce the deficit to the tune of $2.2 billion, that's $.2,000 billion dollars. to protect medicare, to protect social security, to protect medicaid and to make sure the united states of america doesn't do something we've never done, that's go into default. we can debate how we got here, we can debay how we have -- why we have -- debate how we have -- why we have this huge budget deficit. we can debate whether it's president obama's fault, whether it's george bush's fault, we can debate whether it was the recovery act or whether it was the two wars president bush didn't pay for. we can debate whether it's the health care bill or whether it's the bailout to the drug insurance company -- the health care bill of president obama's or the -- the -- the giveaway to the drug insurance -- drug and insurance companies that
. >> and that's the one you went in through the back door? >> yes. i had been asked also by mr. brown many times. >> through the back door? >> yes. >> can i also ask you, mr. murdoch -- >> and my family who went there many times. >> have you ever imposed any preconditions upon a party leader in the u.k. before giving them the support of your newspapers? >> i've never guaranteed anyone the support of our newspapers. we change -- we had been supporting the thatcher government and the conservative government that followed and we changed and supported the labor party whenever it was, 13 years ago, with the direct loss of 200,000 circulation. >> did you ever impose any preconditions on either the labor party -- >> no. >> no preconditions whatsoever? >> no. the only conversations i had with them, mr. blair that i can remember, were about the euro. >> mr. blair visited you halfway around the world. >> he what? >> mr. blair visited you halfway around the world before the 1997 election. anyway, that doesn't matter. >> that was something miss campbell arranged. >> can i also ask you, it's understood that
that misrepresentation they did was in the public interest to try to figure out if mr. brown had obtained the acquisition of an apartment below market rates. the second question was about the son and the son issued a statement saying that they did not illegally obtained medical records nor did they commission anything else to do so. the information of the diagnosis had been brought to them by the relative of someone else who had the disease who is sympathetic to the browns. they're proud of the coverage of the browns. they can't violate medical laws but raised awareness. >> new revelation concerning the media culture, if these allegations are true is not just sleepsy -- sleazy and out of control but involving criminal misconduct. what is the revelation recording the police. >> these are scandals here in england. you've got the political establishment back on its heels. you got the media empire by far rupert murdock enmeshed in controversial and now you have question of the police. the police are in siege for their actions in two different ways both high and low. there are clearly strong allegations to s
of this investigation. ed on contrary to mr. brown's assertion no criminal was uses and the story was published givinging all sides a fair hearing. rupert murdoch and his top deputies are going to get called before this parliament. they're going to get tough questions. is there a perception that, okay, he has a tough hearing and he moves on or is there a serious consideration that possible criminal charges up through the empire and possible severe damage to the business? >> well, i certainly think possible severe damage to the business. the business has already been severely damaged. it is hard to say where that will stop. what will depend on how zealously murdoch defending his senior lieutenants. he's well known for being loyal to people who are loyal to him. he may calculate, he may take it too far, cross another line and provoke a backlash against the very top of his own organization. actually, i think that's how things are now shaping up. i think he hoped that it was enough to close down the "news of the world," that that was a dramatic gesture, but it wasn't enough. these new disclosures s
carries you -- look at mr. brown there. carries you 80 feet above ground and you can see the golden gate and the bay bridge. the ride will be open all summer long. >> all right. 5:26 now. and no ticket, no problem. the man who illegally boarded a plane. >>> it's one of the most sweeping state laws taking effect today. the major requirement if millions of kids want to attend school this fall. >>> and we have just learned crisis averted here with golden gate ferry. service will be running between larkspur, san francisco and sausalito. we'll let you know what we learned, what's changed and what to expect. ,,,,,,,,,,,, out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. i'm frank mallicoat. and i'm grace le s >>> your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. >>> and good morning, everybody. it is friday, it's july the 1st. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm
average americans can solve their problems by just dropping out of the country club? i'll tell mr. brown how things work in the real world. y on, yo, college is the place for you. it's my number one goal. ♪ students like me, who take these ap math and science classes and have these opportunities, this is where the american dream lies. when i write that book, you know, i plan to dedicate it to my school. ♪ those hopes and dreams that you have, you know, they're within reach. and i'm living proof. >>> just a little refresher course. when john boehner and his right wing buddies took over the house leadership in january. don't you remember, one of the first orders of business was to read the united states constitution on the house floor. i hope they were listening to part of the 14th amendment dealing with the national debt. ironically read by congressman steve israel of new york. >> the validity of the public debt of the united states including debts incurred for payment of pensions shall not be questioned. but neither the united states nor any state shall assume or pay any debt or obli
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conducted by the science and technology committee where mr. brown from georgia, the chairman, questioned the use -- the current application of standoff behavior detection which you employ now versus the active questioning which is done under the israeli system? >> i think they're both very good. >> well, everyone who testified, every expert said the t.s.a. current procedure is a total failure. they further validated the findings of g.a.o. >> i'm not familiar with the witnesses. >> and again, i had the opportunity two weeks ago to be in tel aviv to see how it was done. and it can be done on an interactive basis, even with a large population if we go to risk-based rather than hassling innocent americans, veterans, military, children, and people who pose absolutely no risk. i yield back the balance of my time. >> i would encourages you to speak to work with the administrator pistol. thank you. >> we tried to get the senior most people to come before this committee and they refused. that is one of the great frustrations. no surprise to the t.s.a. i love to work with them. but that doesn't ha
days was mr. brown, his wife and my wife struck up quite a friendship. and our children played together on many occasions. and i'm very sorry that i'm no longer -- i felt he had great values, which i shared with him, and i'm sorry that we've become apart and i hope one day we'll be able to put it together again. >> one final question to rupert murdoch, you said in your interview you gave to the "wall street journal" you felt that your executives had handled this crisis very well with just a few minor mistakes. do you stand by that statement or do you believe the level of mistakes was far greater than that? >> well, they seem very big now. what we did was terrible, but you're talking about handling the crisis. i'm sorry -- i don't believe that either he nor mr. hinton made any great mistakes. or any -- but were mistakes made within the organization? absolutely. were people i trusted or that they trusted betrayed? yes. >> this is to james murdoch. it was reported that when rebekah brooks spoke to staff when the news of the world announcement was made, the closement that she said in a year
have been obtained. the matter is in police hands. the police have informed mr. brown on glen mulcaire's list and some time ago mr. brown passed all relevant information, mulcaire being a private investigator implicated. there's more revelations expected in the coming days. this story now let threatens to engulf politicians, the public, the police and not to mention the papers themselves. wolf. >> an amazing development, i must say. thanks very much for that. how easy is it to hack into someone's cell phone, including yours? our own brian todd has been investigating. what he discovered raising some serious security concerns for all of us. his report coming up later this hour. the allegation that former british prime minister gordon brown was a target of media hackers is taking the scandal to a whole new level. i spoke about that in depth just a little while ago with brown's predecessor, the former british prime minister tony blair. let's talk a little bit about this scandal in england right now. it's shocking to me. i've read those tabloids. did you have any idea, a, as prime minister,
the back door? >> yes. i had been asked by mr. brown several times. >> through the back door? >> yes. [laughter] and my family many times. >> [inaudible] before giving them the support? >> i never guaranteed anyone support of our newspapers. we had been supporting the government come and we changed and supported whenever it was, 13 years ago with the 200,000 circulation. >> did you ever report any preconditions on the labor party? >> no. of the only conversations i had with them i can remember were arrived at that euro. >> mr. blair who visited you -- it doesn't matter. >> [inaudible] >> can i also ask it was understood that the fbi are investigating have you commission investigation into these allegations? >> we have received no evidence of that at all and as far as we know -- >> that they do? >> they are treated exactly the same way as here, and i can't believe it happened to anyone in america as well as the news of the world. i don't know. >> if these allegations are true the investigation into them? >> absolutely. >> also you must be qualified on the fact that its cost you and le
? >> yes. i had been by to visit mr. brown many times. >> through the back door? >> yes. [laughter] my family had gone there many times. >> were there any preconditions by the support of your newspapers? >> i never guaranteed anyone the support of my newspapers. we had supported the thatcher government. we changed to support the labor party, whenever it was. at the direct loss of 200,000 circulation. the on the conversations i had had with mr. blair, that i could remember, were out and about in europe. >> mr. blair [unintelligible] he visited you halfway around the world before the 1997 election. >> that was something mr. cameron are arranged? >> it is understood that the fbi are investigating 9/11 victims. have you commissioned an investigation into these allegations? >> we have seen no evidence of that at all. as far as we know, if they do, we will treated exactly the same way as we treat it here. i cannot believe it happened to anyone in america whether it was someone at "news of the world," i do not know. >> i will come back to you, james, in a moment. if the fbi investigation is t
senator from ohio. mr. brown: i ask the quorum be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. brown: i first, madam president, want to thank senator rockefeller for his leadership on the f.a.a. issue. it's so important in rural areas. it's so important for a work to retain and train a work force. it's so important for airline service generally, in cities as large as cleveland, cincinnati and columbus airports and in smaller communities where this matter is -- senator rockefeller said, it absolutely matters for economic development. and people in big cities might make fun of small airports, that they don't have all the -- all the hustle and bustle, but we do know that medium sized and smaller airports matter a great deal. with the refusal of the house to take up a clean extension of f.a.a., more than 4,000 employees have been furloughed, dozens of construction projects have come to a halt. in this economy, for some radicals in the house of representatives to decide because they have got a political mission and an ideology that doesn't quite fit with the majority
by the gentleman from georgia, mr. brown, on -- broun, on which further proceedings were postponed, on which the noes prevailed by voice vote. the clerk will redesignate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number 63 printed in the congressional record offered by mr. broun of georgia. the chair: a recorded vote has been requested. those in support of the request for a recorded vote will rise and be counted. a sufficient number having arisen, a recorded vote is ordered. members will record their votes by electronic device. this is a two-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the chair: the yeas are 90. the nays are 330. on this vote the yeas are 90. the nays are 332. the amendment is not adopted. the unfinished business is the request for recorded vote on amendment number 76, printed in the congressional record, offered by b
the back door. >> yes, i had been asked by mr. brown, many times... >> through the back door? >> yes. bill: can i ask you -- >> and my family went there, many times. >> were there any pre-conditions, with the u.k. government, the support of your newspapers? >> i never guaranteed anyone support of my newspapers. we changed -- we had been supporting the thatcher government and, the government that followed, and we we changed and supported the labor party, when it was, ten years ago, with the direct loss of 200,000 circulation. >> did you ever employ any pre-conditions on either the labor party -- >> no. >> no pre-conditions whatsoever. >> the only conversations i have had with them, mr. blair, as i can remember, were arguing about the euro. >> well, mr. blair... >> what? >> mr. blair... halfway around the world in the 1997 election -- that doesn't matter. >> that is something mr. cameron arranged. >> yes. >> also, i ask you, it is understood the fbi are investigating 9/11 victims. have you commissioned an investigation into these allegations? >> we have seen no evidence of that at all, and a
that as you are. >> his children used to play with a gordon brown's. never photograph with mr. murdoch. despite visiting him and just days after the last election. >> to avoid photographers. i was just doing what i was told. but then, may have as parliamentary drama turned into a circus. >> what can you tell us? gosh i was sitting a few feet away from mr. murdoch. he was hit in the face with a plate of what i assume is shaving cream. >> it was delivered by the member of the public. it was rewarded with a right to the. the police to arrive sometime later. it is the sort of story rebecca brooks would have loved when she edited the news of the world. but now they follow the murdoch into the room. >> such fundamental issues. >> i don't know anyone in their right mind that would authorize approval of anyone listening to the voice mails. >> someone did if and someone covered it up. we did know that this is a day he did not enjoy. >> use of the moment that he was attacked with a plate of shaving phone. -- fome. -- foam. the protester's name is jonathan and has been charged with a public order
in house report 112-173. for what purpose does the gentleman from georgia seek recognition? mr. brown: -- mr. broun: i have an amendment at the desk. the chair: the clerk will designate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number 3, printed in house report number 112-173. offered by mr. broun of georgia. the chair: pursuant to house resolution 359, the gentleman from georgia, mr. broup, and a member opposed will each control five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from georgia. mr. broun: thank you, mr. chairman. my amendment would reduce funding for the joint economic committee by 25% and transfer more than $1 million to the deficit reduction account. the joint economic committee is tasked with many of the duties of other congressional committees. other committees already perform these duties such as holding hearings, performing research, and studying the u.s. economy. we here in america are facing a tremendous financial crisis. the legislative branch should not be excluded during budget cut debates. the joint economic committee performs overlapping duties that could easily b
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